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We are nestled in a corner of the beautiful North Devon coast line, close to the National Exmoor park. Nellies Nibbles was founded by Nellie an Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and her human mum Jo.

I have been a dog guardian for many years, my first encounter was at the tender age of 5 years old, I had gone missing and was eventually found sitting on the front door step, which was never used in those days, cuddling up alongside a large stray dog with my arm around him, merrily chatting away to him, to the horror of my parents. This stray dog would not allow anyone else near him but me. My journey with love and fascination for dogs began here…

I created Nellies Nibbles artisan dog bakery because I’ve always been interested and passionate about all dog’s health & wellbeing which includes what they consume. I wanted to offer a NO gimmick treat, which uses quality human ingredients that are of nutritional benefit & safe for all dogs to enjoy.

We specialise in GRAIN-FREE/GLUTEN-FREE biscuit treats using a wonderful flour called Buckwheat, which isn’t a wheat at all as it would suggest, it derives from the Rhubarb seed. We also add various other nutrient into these biscuits like Pumpkin Seeds which can aid in natural worming & sooth sensitive tummy’s, alongside milled linseed which has Omega 3 this can help to fight inflammations with the body. We only use human grade prime cuts of meat. Even the fussiest of eater’s will come back for more delicious yums!

All our biscuits are individually hand crafted and no two biscuit shapes are the same, just how we think it should be.

We also offer guidance to those that would like to learn how to feed a fresh diet and use non chemical products, to give your dog a healthy life with longevity.

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